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Ok Kimonos Adult Blue Lightweight BJJ Gi

  • 450gsm lightweight soft gold weave jacket
  • White contrast stitching
  • 10oz lightweight ripstop pants
  • White contrast stitching
  • Gold weave gusset (crotch)
  • Stretchy Rope Drawstring
  • Minimal Embroidery
  • Knee reinforcements extend to bottom of pant leg

This gold weave gi is coming back to the OK Kimonos lineup! With shipment a week away (Nov 28th), we're excited to offer you the chance to pre-order this ultra popular gi. There's limited stock coming in, so ordering now is the best way to lock in these fresh gis.

Originally designed by the founder of GiReviews, these lightweight BJJ kimonos include the best elements from all the competition. And speaking of competition, this lightweight gi is completely IBJJF legal.

We're sure you'll love this high quality gold weave gi. Don't be fooled by less expensive pearl weave gis that promise to last. The gold weave gi is the gold standard in comfort and durability.

This lightweight gi in royal blue 100% cotton will give you the flexibility you need on the mats without sweating up a storm. Relax in the upcoming summer months knowing you'll have an easy time focusing on your moves and not your brow.

Our sizing chart is offered below in both US and metric sizing. Please feel free to contact us directly if you need any assistance here.

U.S. Sizing
A05'0" - 5'4"110 -135lbs
A0T5'4" - 5'8"100 -130lbs
A1T5'8" - 5'11"130 - 160lbs
A25'8" - 5'11"165 - 195lbs
A2T5'11" - 6'2"160 - 190lbs
A2H5'7" - 5'10"225 - 260lbs
A35'11" - 6'2"195-225lbs
A3T6'1" - 6'4"190 - 230lbs
A46'1" - 6'4"230-250lbs

Metric Sizing
A0152cm - 162cm50 - 61kg
A0T162cm - 173cm45 - 59kg
A1162cm - 173cm59 - 75kg
A1T173cm - 180cm59 - 73kg
A2173cm - 180cm75 - 88kg
A2T180cm - 188cm73 - 86kg
A2H170cm - 178cm102 - 118kg
A3180cm - 188cm88 - 102kg
A3T185cm - 193cm86 - 104kg
A4185cm - 193cm104 - 113kg
A5193cm - 198cm113 - 127kg


  • Image of Ok Kimonos Adult Blue Lightweight BJJ Gi
  • Image of Ok Kimonos Adult Blue Lightweight BJJ Gi
  • Image of Ok Kimonos Adult Blue Lightweight BJJ Gi
  • Image of Ok Kimonos Adult Blue Lightweight BJJ Gi